Monday, January 4, 2021

Getting Organized


Not so long ago I got an ask about what do I use to help me stay organized and keep my bullet journal pretty. Since I kind of half-assed the answer back then, I’m making a whole post now:

  • Journal/notebook/planner -This is probably everyone’s number one. YOU can get a blank notebook or already done planner. I personally use dotted notebooks but anything else is just as functional
  • Pen that you like to write with -This one is so obvious it hurts to write down
  • File/binder -Have a plastic file or a binder for important documents and receipts. Binder can be divided into sections and can last you years
  • Reminders and alarms -Technology is handy so use it! Set alarms for important things in your phone
  • Pinning board -I have my schedule and notes right in front of my face
  • Post it notes -Take the whole bunch of them and put them in your journal so you always have them on hand. Smaller ones can be used as book-marks for your journal
  • Highlighters -I use the mild ones but to be honest for anything important like notes I prefer normal ones. You want important shit to be bright
  • Tape -Not only can you tape stuff into your journal but I also like to use colorful tape as bookmarks!
  • Ruler -This is mostly for the aesthetic part. Especially if you don’t have dotted/checked paper, ruler will come in handy

Feel free to add more and have a great day!

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