Sunday, December 19, 2021

Learning to Focus


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As 2021 comes to an end it's important to focus on the year to come. This new beginning brings the gift of life and the ability to plan out our own future. It shouldn't be lost on anyone that life can be taken in a second. Look to the past couple of years, with so many loved ones dying from illness and natural disasters, humans are constantly reminded how precious life is. Just this week, the tornados in Kentucky ended nearly a hundred lives in the span of less that an hour. So many won't see their mom or dad, son or daughter, neighbor or friend ever again. To think as so many are planning for the Christmas holiday, planning gifts, travel plans, and meals, so many families are now planning funerals. There was one story of over fifty people losing their lives while working at a candle factory. Those people probably had the thought of these holiday plans in between carrying out the required tasks of their jobs. They probably also thought about what they wanted to do with the new year. They probably thought about starting that new business, rebuilding that relationship with their loved one or doing something they always wanted to do but now they can't. Every person should act in the place of the lost dreams, the lost time with the loved ones and the lost life. Do today what you have been wanting to do for years, do not put it off any longer because you never known when your time to act is gone. 

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