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"Sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you." Words have meaning, they have power, they can start or end wars, heal or distroy a person with a few well congealed utterances. All my life I have bor witness to the weight and power of words. The words that are most important, in our culture are that of a name. Mine, is Jared Picot. A part from being a kid who grew up in Greenville, NC to two blessings from God, Dean and Gina Picot. I was the kid who had big dreams, but who was humbled by the accomplishments of those around me. To afraid to step out or to test my ideas, because of the mental block that was always thrown up. Words that seemed all to real to me, “ your not good enough” “ your to fat” “ you don’t have the look” “ your not masculine enough” and so many others that led me down a path of self destruction. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw words and not the man I was created and raised to be.

After a few hiccups, I have arrived at the place I am now putting my ideas out there. Wanting to create a place and medium for ideas to be equally shared, expressed, and for genuine connections to be made. My name is Jared Picot, and I am the Founder of Untribed, a news magazine and podcast that centers around presenting both opinions and facts on issues so that you can decide how you feel. And Right Hook, a connections app, for those who are conservative in views. (Because everyone deserve to find love). I also hope that through my blog we can walk a path together in becoming better versions of ourselves.


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Learning to Focus


jared picot-how to focus-learning to focus
As 2021 comes to an end it's important to focus on the year to come. This new beginning brings the gift of life and the ability to plan out our own future. It shouldn't be lost on anyone that life can be taken in a second. Look to the past couple of years, with so many loved ones dying from illness and natural disasters, humans are constantly reminded how precious life is. Just this week, the tornados in Kentucky ended nearly a hundred lives in the span of less that an hour. So many won't see their mom or dad, son or daughter, neighbor or friend ever again. To think as so many are planning for the Christmas holiday, planning gifts, travel plans, and meals, so many families are now planning funerals. There was one story of over fifty people losing their lives while working at a candle factory. Those people probably had the thought of these holiday plans in between carrying out the required tasks of their jobs. They probably also thought about what they wanted to do with the new year. They probably thought about starting that new business, rebuilding that relationship with their loved one or doing something they always wanted to do but now they can't. Every person should act in the place of the lost dreams, the lost time with the loved ones and the lost life. Do today what you have been wanting to do for years, do not put it off any longer because you never known when your time to act is gone. 

New Year, Renewed Health

Jared Picot

With the New year, I'm wanting to get refocused on my fitness journey. I've realized that my health has become an after thought. I simply don't consider the impact that my weight, diet, and physical activity, or lack there of, has on my life. I have to stop making excuses for my daily poor diet decisions and failures with staying active. This needs to be a change in lifestyle. I must center health. My plans are to focus on heart health, both in diet and exercise. Workouts that focus on burning fat and building lean muscle will be at the center of my exercise routine. I plan on sharing the journey in 2022 as I tackle a new shift towards healthy eating and regular working out. I will share tips for where I had success and advice from my failures. I believe that seeing what worked for others helps with ensuring success of your own goals. Here's my plans for the first week: 

1. For activity, I plan on walking at least 10,000 steps a day and also introduce  some yoga/palates workouts. 

2. I'm also using myfitnesspal to track my calories and ensure a calorie deficit. Ill snack on heart healthy foods like nuts and vegetables such as carrots and snap peas.

Please follow my journey! 

Dreading The Day

Jared Picot

 Today is a day i’ve been dreading for some time, so i thought it’d be nice to start it off with some short affirmations:

୧ today i will try my best and it’ll be enough

୧ today i will express my feelings in a way that isn’t harmful to anyone and it’ll be enough

୧ today i will be a friend to myself and try to help them wherever i can and it’ll be enough

୧ today i’ll only say yes to the things i want to say yes to and it’ll be enough

୧ today’s events won’t ruin my day regardless of what happens, i’ll accept it all and it’ll be enough

୧ today i’ll respect what my body tells me and it’ll be enough

୧ today i’ll feel safe and protected and free to do what feels right and it’ll be enough

୧ today and tomorrow and for the rest of time i’ll be enough

Persistence becomes success


Jared Picot - Persistence


Have you ever met two people who seem to have many of the same qualities but don’t share the same success? What’s the difference?

One of the most obvious traits is probably persistence.


Being persistent is the act of staying the course when when you have a goal or idea that you want to accomplish. 

Merriam-Webster defines the word persist as follows:

  • to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning
  • obsolete to remain unchanged or fixed in a specified character, condition, or position
  • to be insistent in the repetition or pressing of an utterance (such as a question or an opinion)
  • to continue to exist especially past a usual, expected, or normal time

Here are some examples of persistence vs. not persistent

  • You make a suggestion at work about an improvement in a process
    • you mark your calendar to follow up if nothing happens and you bring the topic up again
    • you mark your calendar to follow up again if nothing happens. This time you also give thought to a new way of presenting it and it works
  • You make a suggestion at work about an improvement in a process
    • nothing happens so you complain that no one pays attention to your or just don’t do anything
  • You download a new video game and it’s really hard. You don’t know how you’ll ever win.
    • you look for tips on the internet and your play improves
    • you keep playing and practicing, each time noting new ways to improve
    • eventually you begin to enjoy the game
  • You download a new video game and it’s really hard. You don’t know how you’ll ever win.
  • You give up and download a new game that’s easier to play

Hopefully, you get the point here. If you really want something you have to work for it. Just because you have an idea that you think is great it doesn’t’ mean others will agree with you or be willing to help you. The important thing to remember is that other people are not against you. They are just not for you. There is a distinct difference between the two. If someone is against you the chances are you will not persuade them. If they are not for you they just don’t have enough information yet and you have some work to do to convince them.


Be careful not to get persistent and stubborn confused. They are similar words but not the same. When your stubborn you can be persistent in your refusal to change. You can be unwilling to look for a solution that will create change. But being stubborn typically means your “digging in” and not open to change or even thinking about it. In other words, it’s my idea or suggestion and if you don’t like it, tough!


  • Create a way to ensure that you follow up. Make notes in your reminder app or calendar so you don’t forget to follow-up. 
  • Set up a “tickler” file in your email. When you send an email that you believe requires a response or action, put a copy in your “tickler” file. On that day you will open that file and see what actions you need to take.
  • Endeavor to make following up on things a priority. You can read about self help tips until you can’t see anymore but none of them will help until YOU make it a priority.


Best online thrift stores

 According to Google, the ‘online retail store’ is one of the fashion trends in 2020.

I'm really excited to hear that, since saving money is one of my favorite things to do.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding that rare vintage piece that you can style to perfection.

Unfortunately, with the current COVID lockdown, most thrift stores are closed, making the thrift business a tricky business.

However, that doesn't mean you have to stop saving altogether.

In this article, I'll help you make the most of the security of your home.

Without further ado, these are the best thrift stores online in 2021!

1. Depop

Depop is an online thrift store that allows people to buy and sell clothing via iOS and Android platforms.

The market has attracted celebrities to open their own individual stores, with some donations of the proceeds to charitable causes.

Depop is popular with members of the Millennial and Generation Z because it gives them a way to buy the famous clothes they see, and bring back things they don’t want for money.

Another advantage of the Depop online thrift store is its Instagram-like design, giving it a social media feel.

2. he Wi.

hewi. (Hardly Ever Worn It) is a London-based online thrift store whose goal is to create a seamless shopping experience through its platform.

The platform includes used designer clothes for women, men and even children that are either new or have hardly been worn.

Allows buyers to purchase items, place offers for future purchases, or sell their designer products at no additional charge.

VIP service is also available for retailers, who want HEWI London to do everything on their behalf, from collecting the items to customer inquiries.

This method also allows sellers to remain anonymous if they wish.

3. thredUP

Probably the largest online second-hand shop in the world.

thredUp contains more than 35,000 species, from Gap to Gucci, Lululemon, Zara, J. Crew and Ann Taylor.

In addition, they inspect, photograph, list and ship the items for you.

What I love about this market is the easy return prediction with free shipping and orders over $ 79.

To date, this online thrift store has recycled over 100 million items, giving second-hand clothes a second life.

4. Vestiaire Collective

Since 2009, Vestiaire Collective has expanded its local activities from Paris to a global scale, in more than 50 countries in Europe, the United States and soon in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

By providing over 3200 fashion items per week for shoppers to choose from, Vestiaire Collective guarantees a unique shopping experience for its customers.

Vestiaire Collective is also developing new functions to improve its shopping services, e.g. B. a smart email notification feature that lets shoppers know whether or not a particular item they are looking for is listed.

The platform allows interaction with sellers for more information and negotiation on offers.

In addition, a team of highly trained counterfeit experts is in place to verify the authenticity of the items, so that customers can feel secure knowing that the items they are exchanging are genuine. Old

5. Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Jared Picot | Best Thrift Stores Online

Wardrobe of Tomorrow was the world's first marketplace that opened its doors exclusively to sustainable designers.

More recently, the market has launched its online thrift store.

Here, existing buyers in the market can sell their luxury and high-end clothing to designers and other buyers.

In addition, the marketplace allows outside buyers interested in selling or buying high-end second-hand clothes, bags and shoes to create an account and trade for free.

The marketplace accepts all types of payment, offers free worldwide shipping and an excellent returns policy.

Also, amazing customer support, assigning each potential customer a good person as their dedicated account manager that you can text or email.

How to feel more productive


Quite often I find myself feeling lazy or guilty even after working all day. Here are some things that help me feel more productive and fight the false feeling of laziness:

  • Move your body -You don’t have to work out but stretching or taking a walk is going to be extremely beneficial
  • Have a to do list -Ticking things off will be a sort of visual proof for your brain. In case you have only one thing to do that day, you can break it down to smaller parts and write that down
  • Change up the type of task here and there -If you switch things up you’ll feel like you’ve done a lot more. In case you can’t do that, changing your surroundings or way of work can do the same thing
  • Be social -Talking to someone even for a moment will help get you out of your bubble
  • Keep your room clean and let in fresh air -Try to put things where they belong every evening and do a bigger clean up at least once a week. This will keep you feeling organized
  • Don’t stay in bed -No matter how much work you do, by lying down in bed all day you get yourself feeling sluggish, lazy and tired
  • Wake up early(ish) -You absolutely don’t have to wake up early if you’re a night person but waking up before 10am should be a habit. Waking up and seeing everyone up already could make you feel bad and the day passes by quicker. I like to wake up around 8. It’s not insanely early and yet it keeps me feeling productive
  • Create something -Leaving something physical that is your creation, could be food or art, is the ultimate proof of work
  • Stay clean and fresh -Smelling nice and not feeling tired and sticky is very important

I hope I helped and have a great day

Getting Organized


Not so long ago I got an ask about what do I use to help me stay organized and keep my bullet journal pretty. Since I kind of half-assed the answer back then, I’m making a whole post now:

  • Journal/notebook/planner -This is probably everyone’s number one. YOU can get a blank notebook or already done planner. I personally use dotted notebooks but anything else is just as functional
  • Pen that you like to write with -This one is so obvious it hurts to write down
  • File/binder -Have a plastic file or a binder for important documents and receipts. Binder can be divided into sections and can last you years
  • Reminders and alarms -Technology is handy so use it! Set alarms for important things in your phone
  • Pinning board -I have my schedule and notes right in front of my face
  • Post it notes -Take the whole bunch of them and put them in your journal so you always have them on hand. Smaller ones can be used as book-marks for your journal
  • Highlighters -I use the mild ones but to be honest for anything important like notes I prefer normal ones. You want important shit to be bright
  • Tape -Not only can you tape stuff into your journal but I also like to use colorful tape as bookmarks!
  • Ruler -This is mostly for the aesthetic part. Especially if you don’t have dotted/checked paper, ruler will come in handy

Feel free to add more and have a great day!

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Learning to Focus

  As 2021 comes to an end it's important to focus on the year to come. This new beginning brings the gift of life and the ability to pla...