Tuesday, January 5, 2021

How to feel more productive


Quite often I find myself feeling lazy or guilty even after working all day. Here are some things that help me feel more productive and fight the false feeling of laziness:

  • Move your body -You don’t have to work out but stretching or taking a walk is going to be extremely beneficial
  • Have a to do list -Ticking things off will be a sort of visual proof for your brain. In case you have only one thing to do that day, you can break it down to smaller parts and write that down
  • Change up the type of task here and there -If you switch things up you’ll feel like you’ve done a lot more. In case you can’t do that, changing your surroundings or way of work can do the same thing
  • Be social -Talking to someone even for a moment will help get you out of your bubble
  • Keep your room clean and let in fresh air -Try to put things where they belong every evening and do a bigger clean up at least once a week. This will keep you feeling organized
  • Don’t stay in bed -No matter how much work you do, by lying down in bed all day you get yourself feeling sluggish, lazy and tired
  • Wake up early(ish) -You absolutely don’t have to wake up early if you’re a night person but waking up before 10am should be a habit. Waking up and seeing everyone up already could make you feel bad and the day passes by quicker. I like to wake up around 8. It’s not insanely early and yet it keeps me feeling productive
  • Create something -Leaving something physical that is your creation, could be food or art, is the ultimate proof of work
  • Stay clean and fresh -Smelling nice and not feeling tired and sticky is very important

I hope I helped and have a great day

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